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Hip Hop Elements Related:

Trueschoolers reppin' all things elements, great site!

Elements on the Radio:


General Hip Hop Releated:

XXL‘s Official 100 Best Hip-Hop Web Sites

Education through Hip Hop, gotta respect that!


DJ Related:

DJs, got vinyl storage needs?  Check our Simple DIY Record Storage Shelves Plans on our top rated blog post.

Great selection of Underground Hip Hop:

Live Shows Near You: Get your tickets to see some great live DJs or other live venues:


Swim in the record pool:

All Types of DJ discussions here, not just Hip Hop:


MC Related:

Learn various MCs’ real names:


B-Boy Related:

B-Boy Forums and Hip Hop Community:

B-Boyism evolved:


Graffiti Related:

Graf News and Culture:

Art Crime Online:


Hip Hop Fashion:

High quality Hip Hop streetwear:

Some dope tee's and other Hip Hop gear:


Electro Related:

Massive Electro Forum:


Block Party Related:

The man, the legend, Kool Herc!  Fascinating interview about the first Block Party IE the birth of Hip Hop on NPR:

Slang Related:

Need slang definitions?


Crate Digging Related:

Our Crate Digging forum.  A forum for crate diggers by crate diggers:

Learn about great Hip Hop records from some real diggers:

Dig without getting dirty for all kinds of wax:

Recycled Vinyl Accessory Masterminds:

Massive Info for all kinds of Hip Hop releases:

Wanna see the real thing?

Preserve your rare records:

The Name Brand Elements: (In periodic order of Hip Hop’s embrace)

Adidias: Run DMC's embrace:

Nike: King of Sneaks:

Tommy Hill!

Sure, you can afford a bottle of Cristal if you’re a rapper:

Krink: the New School tool for writers. 

Buy it here...

Krink Graffiti Supplies - Available At!


Krink Official Site:







Hip Hop Forum Element Related:

A our own Hip Hop Forum for all music lovers and crate diggers alike:

Diggers With Gratitude:

DJ Forum's Hip Hop Section:

Nation of Hip Hop Ranked #1 by Google:

UGHH's Hip Hop Board:

Old School Related:

Access Hip Hop:

more coming soon...

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